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The terms of use were updated January 31, 2020, to reflect the name change to Velvetax, Inc.

The terms of use and privacy policy were updated August 14, 2019 to add additional information about our use of personal data, and our use of tracking technology.


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No warranty.

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Use of your data.

We do not sell your data to third parties or serve ads based on your data or Site activity.

"Right to be forgotten".

At your request we will remove all data stored on your behalf.

Analytics and tracking

We may use cookies, and we may allow third parties to use cookies, to collect information about browsing activies on our Site. For example, we use mixpanel for web analytics. Mixpanel uses cookies to help us analyze usage and enhance your experience using our Site.

More information about Mixpanel's use of this data can be found here https://mixpanel.com/legal/contact-us/. Please note that we are not associated with or affiliated with Mixpanel.


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Privacy Policy

When you use the Site, we may collect personal data and other information from you, as further described below.

We collect personal data from you when you voluntarily provide it through our Site. This is when you create an account, or submit transaction information through our Site. By providing us with this data, you are consenting to our using it in accordance with the terms and conditions on this page.

If you provide data to us, you acknowledge and agree that it may be transferred from your location to our offices and servers, as well as authorized third parties in the US.